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I love this WordPress theme I am using but I find it a bit of a problem not having a sidebar. I’ve created this page as a place where I can add links to various sites and blogs of interest with a little review or two.

Inspiration comes in many forms. What I intend to include here are some of the online sources of mine. In fact I think what is going on this page will have to turn into another blog quite soon (so I can post new bits instead of just adding to a single page) but this will do for now!!!
Here come some of my dear and utterly inspirational friends ………..

Jackie Millican

Masai Bride by Jackie Millican

My dear friend Jackie Millican inspires me not just with her talent but by the way she manages to keep painting, keep singing, keep her heart and soul focused on light and love and laughter and just generally keep on being the amazing woman she is despite dealing with the impossible situation of single motherhood in Britain today. Every time I hear some know-nothing spite-merchant banging on about single mothers the biggest reason I want to deck them is Jax. We became friends because we trod that path together and keep in touch when she can keep her phone and internet connection together. She just got online again after being lost to cyberworld for some months in circumstances that would leave most people howling on the floor – and guess what, she has not only survived but created this amazing painting of a Masai Bride to boot. Sending you love Jackie, you’re one of the good ‘uns Babe!!

You can see more of her work at here MySpace page


Eclectic is my friend Kate Smith’s blog. We met online during 2007 both posting furiously on the formadeleine forum as the awful scandal that proceeded from the disappearance of Madeleine McCann in Portugal unfolded. We’ve come to share a great deal apart from our anger and distress about this poor little girl’s plight. Kate started her blog around the same time as I started this one. I was motivated by a need to clear my mind and get back to my own core pursuits after months of sleepless nights and keyboard hammering I felt sick to the stomach at the detritus of psychological projection and neurosis that seemed to flood every aspect of this case. Kate wanted to start a place where Madeleine’s case could be discussed without the endless going-round-in-circles that forum posting involved. Also her own mercurial intelligence and vivid writing style was by this time clearly busting for an outlet untrammelled by forum politics and I am so glad she found it.

I wholeheartedly recommend Eclectic to anyone who wants to read something different, insightful, witty, and just plain smart. Kate has a degree in Criminal Justice and Policing and has also studied Parapsychology (we share a big interest in synchronicity) and Hypnotherapy. Eclectic is just the right name for her blog. Bookmark it and read it regularly – Alka Seltzer for the Brain!!!

Eclectic also features Kate’s wonderful photographs – she’s a colour goddess who conveys both meaning and mystery in her work.

Naked Light

Naked Light is the website of my friend Brian Lee. Brian and I go back a long way. I first met him somewhere far into Kemptown in Brighton back in about 1977. If I remember right he was part of Eye Brow Theatre (I think it operated out of the back of a Morris Minor) with James and Virginia Small-Fry and Feliks Tabis the fiddle player.

It was probably our mutual interest in the deeper recesses of astrology that brought Brian and I together (that and our love of bacon sandwiches – he originally Jewish and I Catholic we made a point of meeting for one on Friday mornings in the heart of the then vigorously vegetarian Brighton) . I think it’s fair to say we are two people who have grown up alongside eachother through the delights and depredations of the extraordinary town that is Brighton (sorry, don’t go for this new-fangled City of Brighton & Hove thing – Brighton in those B Right On Bright Ones daze was a state of being not some mere municipiality!!) .

Brian is another highly eclectic personality – poet, musician, performer, and astrological supremo. It is well worth slipping on through to his site to check out the meditation music soundclips – one of his key astrological interests is in harmonics and his music is based on that….I’ve been listening this morning and how I wish I hadn’t been such a stress case a while back when he sent me the link as I could have saved myself a very stressy week. This is no new-agey sonic mish-mash, Brian’s stuff works. Treat yourself.

Also worth mentioning is that Brian writes a monthly astrological newsletter called Moonletter which is streets ahead of anything else similar that I’ve read as well as being engaging and entertaining. You can get it emailed to you by dropping him an email with the subject line “astrology subscribe” to

Rick Mobbs

Rick Mobbs passed by this blog and left a comment about how much he liked my work and how he felt there were similarities between what we do one Saturday morning. Over coffee I clicked to discover more about him and ended up entranced with his work. At first sight if you take the work I have posted here and compare it to his images maybe the similarities are not that evident – but strangely I have piles of unfinished and unpublished watercolour work that would certainly physically resemble Ricks (except perhaps in quality!). I wondered how he had recognised that and got reading into some of his writings and interviews on the subject. So much of what he says is absolutely what I would like to say myself and it sounds like we share a similar experience as developing artists (including the participation of very small children). The inspiration I will value him for is that I think he has opened a door for me to how to write about my own painting and creativity. And I love his images.

Rick’s site is also a great place to go if you are looking for someone who talks with real experience about engaging children in an artists’ path.

Check him out at:


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