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Paintings by Luigina Ware

Please be a little patient whilst the gallery loads

All images are copyright of the artist Luigina Ware

PLEASE NOTE I NOW HAVE NEW WEBSITES at and where you can buy prints of Island and many other new works. Please come by and visit.




  1. I love Storms Pass…it has a wonderful contrast between the soft pastel background and the harder, more geometric foreground..Well done again!

  2. Oh Fabbiosa .. I am particularly loving Kyperoussa!!! Wow and multiply so. These are all stunning, vibrant and make me want to get over to Greece as soon as I can. If you can, please send me this slide show so I can feature you on my myspace site and let all the artists there see how wonderful your work is…

    xxx Jax xxx

  3. Surreal

    Your life is bound in concrete space and time
    Though science slightly loosened this old fetter.
    But when you dream you then begin to climb
    To hilltops where your sight is that much better.

    The real gives way to something that is more,
    To where the mind can breach its rigid confines
    And see a little of the farther shore.
    Imagination with your thought combines.

    It’s sad you cannot live in such a dream
    In freedom from dimensions’ holding grip.
    Content yourself with milk without the cream
    That might just let imagination rip.

    You think that all you are is certain, true,
    But what if it’s a dream that’s dreaming you?

  4. i love it!, i am visiting syros in a couple of days.
    keep up the good work,
    alan x

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