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The Hippy in Me is a Happy Bunny tonight. I just made such a cute little psychedelic Slideshow of a few of my digital art expeditions into the heart of Photoshop…..very enjoyable.

See it here at the page called Digitalissima

I’m loving – this is the third slideshow I’ve made there and this one gave me a chance for a little unrestrained fantasy indulgence in their feature set.

I’ve also installed a new set of photographs of Syros to give you a flavour of this lovely island.

Find that one here at the page called Syros Photographs

Syros Pharmacyapanomeria1-72.jpgSyros Greengrocer


PLEASE NOTE I NOW HAVE NEW WEBSITES at and where you can buy prints of Island and many other new works. Please come by and visit.


Here’s my latest painting entitled Island now complete. It’s full of all the things I love about Greece.



Acrylic on Canvas

Lots of people like this painting, especially kids. It was begun in about 1985 and dabbed at in disorganised and dreamy fashion over a lot of years. I have never finished it but plan to soon. It’s time. I’ve put it in because my friends like it. Also in a way it is the beginning of my journey to Syros although I didn’t realise that at the time. I had been living here for several years before the penny dropped one day when I was looking at this picture and trying to figure out what to do with it. Thinking back to what I had been seeing in my mind’s eye when I began it finally dawned on me that the original inspiration had come from seeing the amazing view of Syros that you see from the boat when you call into port here en route someplace else. For all those years I had been painting my future home without knowing it. I even think I recognise some of the people, especially some of the kids I have taught English to here! I had been privately calling it “The Return” for years because it seemed to me that all the smiling people in the little boats were coming to welcome someone who had been away for a very long time.

The Return