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My name is Luigina Ware and I am the artist who painted the pictures on this blog.

Of all the things I do (and there are many!) painting is my greatest love, the thing I can carry on doing all day and all night all my life.

That matches up well with my love of nature and of the beautiful place I live in, the island of Syros in the Cyclades.

I am originally from England and moved to Greece 5 years ago. I grew up in Chelsea where my parents ran a famous night-club on the King’s Road called the Gateways and some of my earliest memories are of mucking about on dusty paint-stained floors in artist’s studios. The club walls were covered in portraits of members made by some of the artists who sought inspiration in our smoky freethinking basement bar. So much of what I do is absorbed from that wall with it’s strange faces and pasted on mirrors.

If you like the pictures and would like to have one of a place or person (or even pet) you love I can and do work from photographs and would be more than happy to consider a commission to paint your home, business or favourite place. I am now accepting commissions for portraits.

PLEASE NOTE I NOW HAVE NEW WEBSITES at and where you can buy prints of Island and many other new works. Please come by and visit.



  1. I was sent this link by Michael, whom I know through Downside (I sort of live there as my wife teaches there.) I tried to send a message on this site to say how much I enjoyed your pictures, but am not sure that it got through. Anyway, this is just to say that I think that your pictures are fantastic!

  2. Miss Gina!!!Great work!!!I loved the last 3 paintings..Amazing colours and landscapes!!I hope I’ll see them live in an exhibition!!!

  3. i really admire u…u r the best…

  4. Hi Gina, Beautiful paintings, amazing colors, look forward to seeing more. Hugs

  5. Really remarkable work.Very high quallity,wisely picked landscapes and scenaries,this is a proffessional level of drawing (don’t forget that Bob Ross earns his living by drawing mountains and clouds!), and not just because you were my teacher!

  6. WOW !!!!!! ……..and WOW again. I had no idea you were so good. Want to see LOADS more. Big hugs, Lil xx

  7. Gina, your paintings are amazing!!! I love the painting of the children. Hope to see more!

  8. my sister Do sent me to this site. you are a gifted artist. beautiful work.

  9. You live in a beautiful place, and I like your work. Mine is similar, in some ways. Website is my name, rickmobbsdotcom if you want to check it out. I like your blog, too. Best wishes, Rick

  10. Rick, I couldn’t find a place to comment on your blog but thanks for flagging it up to us over here. I love your work and am reading deeply into things you have written very much of which I really relate to. Thanks for being an inspiration.

  11. Gina, it’s good to be back. You have been busy! We have been kind of crazy busy here, too. Hope to catch up with you sometime soon.

  12. Just been looking around your site and love the work you’ve been and are doing.
    Love you loada

  13. I was supposed to go to syros this year, but since i could not go i am sitting here in norway looking at the beautiful landscape and painters from greece. i love your paintings, they are so cheerful. plus i love the colors. i am a norwegian painter that loves picasso and i hope i will come to greece in not too long a time. love, hege soerlie

  14. HI GIna. I Love your paintings ! think they’re really fab. Love ya. xx Barns

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