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I’ve started work on my very first portrait, a commission to paint an uncle and his nephew, both called Ted.

I’m very excited about it and I intend to document my progress here (reckless idea probably). If you go on over to Work in Progress you can see the first stage happening in a series of photographs and explanations. Watch this space to see the work as it develops.

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  1. fabulous dorian grey feeling!
    i am enraptured

  2. Gina, I like the way you write about your process and inspiration. I shall link to your site if you don’t mind. I would like to share that with others. By the way, the notes you wrote about my work were very kind and I thank you. I’ll send some pics if I can find your email address. Stay in touch!


  3. Hi Gina! This is funny. I was scrolling through the forums trying to gain some understanding of how social bookmarking works, saw someone mention paintings and then saw it was you. Well, I think it’s funny anyway. How are you? You must be busy…
    by the way, how has the bookmarking worked for you?

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