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Acrylic on Canvas 100x 40cm

If you drive north from Ermoupoli, the main city of Syros, you come to a wild and beautiful area known as Apano Meria. The area where this lovely house is situated is called Kyperoussa.



  1. Wow! Amazing! Beautiful. I like!

  2. I really love this painting – the countryside extending into the distance and the red terraces and the mauve-pink flowers against the house – it gives you a sense of a very Greek, white-walled haven, within a startling natural landscape that you could sit and look at for hours.

  3. when I visited my sister in Syros, I went hiking, and recall a view such as this. i am transported in time and space. more than just a landscape you have captured the spirit of the land. a time of great transformation for me. this painting evokes heavy emotion in me. i can feel myself on the road in Syros looking out across the space. again i refer to kandinisky in your ability to evoke the spiritual through your paint brush.

  4. Happy to Say I am the proud owner of this extraordinary painting -and I hope lots of prints and e-cards and mugs will be reproduced (All Royalties go to Luigina)

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