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This painting measures 100×40 cm and is painted in Acrylic on Canvas

When I painted this I lived in the neighbouring village of Poseidonia. I used to swim across the bay most mornings. The church is dedicated to St Antony, a very kind and gentle saint who works miracles.

Agios Antonios, Mega Yialo, Syros


  1. Love the pictures! This is a fantastic way to show your work. I like the ‘strength’ in the pictures, if that makes sense.

  2. The light you have captured on the church, the hill and the water is moody and evokes memories of Lindos. Your reflections are subtle and well crafted. The whole picture has a wonderful sense of balance between light anf dark, and negative and positive space.


  3. Having lived in Syros for 18 years,I think that this is the best possible way to illustrate this particular scenary in Mega Yialo.It’s one of the gratest pictures of the island I’ve ever seen as it gives to the canvas the vitality of the landscape as if one was actually standing there and looking at the church.


  4. You could make a fortune painting in this style. Absolutely beautiful image, my favorite of the set. Yet you are fearless in your approach and techniques.

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